Guarantee Top Quality Services for Your Customers with the right NEMT Software

Our NEMT transportation software was designed as a modern management solution for NEMT providers. Its universal features make it suitable for all types of businesses. Even if your company consists of a small leet, you’ll eventually need an automated tool to manage your operation as it grows. The demand for patient rides grows as more and more people are using Medicaid. As such, the need for NEMT services will only continue to increase. Managing an influx of clients and expanding your areas of operation is much easier with an automated system. The capabilities of NEMT software are comprehensive and cover everything from routing and scheduling to dispatching and billing. Common mistakes in scheduling and dispatching, like missed appointments or an incorrect vehicle match are easily avoidable with NEMT transportation software

The functionality of NEMT software

Key capabilities of non-emergency medical transportation include scheduling, routing, dispatching, and billing. Not all apps are designed to serve the same purpose, though. Finding software with the right functionality for your business is crucial in achieving effective and cost-cutting results. These smart algorithms provide smooth and stable capabilities for your business. 

  • Highly intelligent non-emergency medical transportation routing software reduces time spent assessing, selecting and modifying routes to just seconds. Instead of using spreadsheets and out-of-date mapping, smart software uses only the freshest data. 
  • Non-emergency medical transportation billing software is flexible and adjustable to your company’s needs. It can be customized per individual needs, and it collects all the invoices and checks so billing is automated and achieved faster than ever. Additionally, the possibility of human error is eliminated. 
  • Non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software helps identify which drivers have the capacity to maximize trip potential. Allocating the right drivers to the right clients, checking their availability, and calculating their pick-up and drop-off times helps ensure a smooth process every time. . Software helps eliminate no-shows and late pick-ups. 
  • Non-emergency medical transportation dispatch software serves as a tool with multiple functions. It makes planning a trip from start to finish a simple, efficient process. It also increases the chance of on-time arrivals. Trips vary in distance and time, so it can be difficult to predict ETAs without reliable software tools. NEMT software allows for smooth tracking and accurate results.

Why pick us?

Like any business venture, NEMT companies should constantly improve their processes. Whether it’s a shift in internal roles or investing in a modern software solution, an upgrade can improve workflow for everyone involved—drivers, dispatchers, billers, and passengers. By investing in a non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software app, you cut the time spent on routine operations in half Meanwhile, your income grows and your process becomes more efficient. The price of software is affordable and reasonable considering all its benefits.