NEMT companies deal with a vulnerable category of the population daily. They encounter special requests, cancellations, and rescheduling more often than any other service. It is an inevitable part of this type of business and many solutions can be applied. The range of ideas on how to manage orders includes proper dispatching software. It can be a part of integrated scheduling, dispatching, and billing software which simplified NEMT company management even more. 

Implementing NEMT Dispatching Software

The reasons to implement dispatching software are convincing. With more patients becoming eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, the demand for transportation increases. Patients are not always located in easy-to-get-to urban environments. Some companies have to deal with rural areas and long distances. Optimizing trip expenses without sacrificing customer service becomes a pain. Dispatching software helps in multiple ways.

Ensuring a real-time connection with drivers

NEMT patients often have prescheduled doctor appointments. It makes them convenient clients. However, a high rate of cancellations, no-shows, and rescheduling is present with this category of clients. Real-time connection with drivers helps smooth the order distribution process and introduce quick changes to the routes. 

Upgrading operational efficiency

Arranging a NEMT trip works on multiple levels. Dispatchers, drivers, and customers are usually involved. Besides, there might be other parties in the process. Billing influences dispatching as well. So, with the help of dispatching software, all the order data is collected, processed, and arranged properly within seconds. It simplifies order form retrieval, bill, and of course access to the balance sheet. 

Facilitating multiload

The software analyzes all incoming orders and optimal routes. Supposing a multi-load is required or possible, the program will quickly alert about such an opportunity. Besides, it will calculate the prices and offer the most suitable options for the company and the client.