Annually, a big number of Americans miss, delay or cancel their medical appointments because they lack adequate and reliable means of transportation. Paratransit services offer people a variety of mobility options. NEMT companies give disabled, elderly and bedridden people access to such life-sustaining services as medical and rehabilitation facilities, senior centers, and other important locations. However, providing high-quality services without a robust software solution would be challenging for NEMT paratransit providers.

NEMT software was created to streamline the entire workflow, including the scheduling, routing and dispatching processes. The software is an intelligent, universal tool characterized by ease of use, and quick access to all crucial data.

Route optimization

You can manually plan routes or choose the auto-scheduling module to let the software handle the tasks for you. The program can optimize routes and ensure on-time performance, thereby increasing your company’s efficiency and saving costs. What is more, it enables the drivers to reduce travel time and reach the destination with minimum fuel consumption. 

Efficient dispatching

In order to achieve the highest level of efficiency, paratransit software makes dispatching decisions and automatically searches for multi-loading opportunities in real time.

Data import 

The process of manually entering clients and orders is very time-consuming. NEMT Paratransit software has an import feature that can significantly economize your company’s time and resources. It automatically creates, updates and keeps records about your passengers in the system. 

Improved on-time performance 

The system creates the most optimal routes to ensure timely arrival for each customer. It also determines the most suitable pick-up and drop-off times for each ride.

Real-time tracking

The application is constantly updating in order to display precise and actual information about road conditions, including traffic jams, closed roads, detours, speed restriction, etc. Your staff can also monitor the map to check each vehicle’s location and make adjustments to provide proper service for the customers and prevent delays.

Client Management

Managing your customers manually is a tedious activity. By recording contact and address details, types of modes, payment methods, and other information, the software speeds up the client management process and ensures fast sign up procedure for the new riders.