Those who are occupied in the non-emergency medical transportation industry are well aware of the difficulties which can occur during trip planning. One has all the chances to succeed in leading a lucrative business with the proper routing software. In the NEMT sphere, software is something that is definitely worth investing in. It makes passenger scheduling easier, reduces fuel and maintenance expenses for vehicles, streamlines the billing process, and brings more profit in general.

The key capabilities of our NEMT routing software

Even the trickiest and most challenging tasks are quickly solved by our NEMT transportation software. The information is automatically processed by the software, which then creates the quickest and most efficient route. Prior to that, it develops driver schedules to ensure that the necessary number of drivers are on the road. Transportation software has a lot of benefits for NEMT companies, including:

Reduced operating costs

The software takes into account all the trip’s requirements, i.e., pick up and drop off area, driver’s current location, customer demands, and transportation mode, before assigning a vehicle. The program handles and completes the most complicated tasks in just a few seconds, saving you valuable time and resources. Eventually, one can notice how the routing software significantly eliminates the waiting time, and decreases labor costs. 

Satisfied customers

These days, everyone is incredibly busy. As a rule, people require precise information regarding the approximate time of vehicle departure and arrival. Only a powerful routing instrument can make it possible. With the help of its route management feature, customers can get the information regarding the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

High level of safety for drivers and fleet

NEMT drivers are exposed to the danger of getting into serious accidents on the road since they spend so much time driving. Our software features optimize routes with a focus on driver safety. Delays, late departures and arrivals, and other inconveniences that can prevent the order from being completed successfully are the result of traffic congestion. In order to ensure the general safety of your personnel and integrity of your cars, the program arranges the trips focusing on safer driving zones.

Routing software is something every NEMT company should obtain to operate successfully. There’s no need to spend precious time managing your NEMT operations manually. Broaden your horizons and develop your business with the help of our NEMT transportation software.