For many reasons, NEMT software is an extremely useful tool. It improves trip planning, develops flexible routes and simplifies the billing procedure. Let’s look more closely at the characteristics of non-emergency medical transportation routing software and the ways users can take advantage of such a robust solution.

Live monitoring.

Once the chauffeurs start driving, it’s simple to follow their whereabouts instantaneously. Using the program, dispatchers may not only check the status of the trip, but also contact the drivers and make last-minute changes. Consequently, this makes it possible to collaborate effectively, make corrections quickly, and choose the most optimal route options possible for each and every trip.  

Sophisticated, automated route management.

The NEMT system uses calculations to determine optimum routes for each trip. In order to suggest the fastest and most effective route, the software gathers and analyzes factual data, such as weather conditions, distance, road traffic, etc. Ultimately, selecting the appropriate route cuts down on travel time and fuel costs. Whenever your employees are prepared to drive, they will be provided with all the details they require since NEMT software automatically evaluates these indicators.

Smart dispatching.

There’s a good probability that each of your customers has a special set of demands if you collaborate with a wide range of clientele. While one person would merely need an ambulatory mode of transport, another – a wheelchair van. The NEMT dispatch software automatically looks for the most suitable automobile for all routes. In order to cut down on miles driven, the system processes each client’s unique requirements, looks for multi-load variants, and identifies which cars are free in the pickup zone. From the very beginning, priority is given to intelligent dispatching. When more optimal routes and car choices become available, the system automatically upgrades to accommodate the new parameters of the ride in the online mode.  

Trip information and automatic timestamps.

With the help of NEMT software, you can easily review previous rides when necessary. The system generates timestamps for each pick-up and drop-off automatically to produce a digital receipt for each journey. Prior to that, the software gathers and stores additional data for later use, such as client, vehicle, and route information. When you prioritize using software for trip planning, you eliminate uncertainty and allow the program to keep track of data for you.